Etched Metal Plaques

Gemini’s etched plaques and signs are made from metal stock that is always lead and mercury free. The etching process used to make these plaques can reproduce even the most complex artwork on the surface of the metal. Photographic etching detail surpasses all other manufacturing methods. You can have an etched plaque made in Brass, Bronze, Copper & Stainless Steel in various gauges and dimensions. Etched inserts may be incorporated onto other plaques when extremely fine detail is required.

There are three different processes available:

1. Recessed Copy where the text and graphics are carved into the metal and then paint filled.

2. Raised Copy where the background is painted and the text and graphics is raised showing the metal alloy.

3. Photo Etched where the etched, recessed dots of your halftone image are filled with black paint and contrast with the satin finished metal background.

Etched Metal Plaque Collection



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